Friday, February 17, 2012

Artifice: The Awakening Vol 1 of 2 by Joey Cabrera

Its Official. Artifice: The Awakening Vol. 1 of 2  is in the works. besides officially giving my Graphic Novel a title there's plenty of other exciting things to report. I've now completed 5 chapters of Artifice: The Awakening Vol 1 of 2 ( that just sounds cool to me ) and have finished reading Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" & " Making Comics" im currently reading " How to make Web Comics" by Scott Kurtz. My knowledge is growing and the passion ignited is still burning strong. I am currently working on some character sketches and will have those posted soon. Please be aware that these are rough drafts and that plenty of tweaking will probably take place. Thanks for all the support and encouragement its really boosted my confidence in ways you will never know. until the next check point.


  1. Really excited for you...can't wait to see the work.

  2. I'm so proud of you Joey... Keep up the good work <3